the nomadic wife melanie miriam villeneuve
Welcome, mama, into my nourishing plant-based kitchen, where life is simple and food is good.

Here, you are home always & a trusted friend above all else. Your take on these dishes are exactly as they ought to be. I trust that you will add your own fingerprint to them, and that in time, they will become part of your family’s fabric.

Though I can’t help but be hopeful that they retain whispers of the ideals that led to their creation.

Simplicity above all else. Local whenever possible. Sustainable as can be. Tasty as hell.

Big love,
— Mel xo


Simple recipes for tonight's dinner

As a busy teacher who is concerned about what they eat, having an easy to follow [cookbook & mealplan] with my entire shopping list in one place helps keep me on my road to health even on super busy days. The meals are simple, not time consuming, and delicious.