Tips from a soon-to-be mama about getting nourished in an easier way.


1. Easy may not be the entire truth, but easier & figure-outable are definitely a reality.

Look for every way to make your life easier. I.e. canned beans instead of dry (Boom, no cooking or soaking! Just make sure to rinse them well). Or buy chicken thighs instead of the whole chicken (which is cheaper but takes more time) or even better grab a rotisserie chicken.

2. Make things ahead, and when you can't enlist friends & family to help.

This one's title says it all & when that fails, enlist your girlfriends and their mothers to a food making day. Make a bunch of lasagnas and everyone gets to go home with a few trays of freezable deliciousness!

Ps. if you're going to freeze things consider making single portions alongside your family sized portions because when you're home alone with the babe, you've got to eat too!

3. Make things that don't take 6 hours or require 50 ingredients.

Some of the meals below have a total time of about an hour, in most of those cases there's a good 30 minutes where it hangs out by itself on the stove or in the oven. Choose your battles ladies. 

4. one handed snacks for all of those moments when meals just aren't an option

Sometimes, ain't nobody got time for a full on meal. Need I say more?

5. enjoy the curated recipes below!!!


Want more than just recipes? Grab a bundle.
They have meal plans & grocery lists!

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Freezer Meals

A few ideas to get you going on your freezer & one pot meal journey. These can also be made on the weekend, then kept in the fridge as part of weekly prep!


One Pan Meals

These make great dinners (or lunches) in a jiffy and save you time on the dishes front, a win is a win right?


One Handed Snacks

Add to this line up some blended soups-in-a-cup, good old bone broth and some smoothies with nut butter in them... and you're off to a running start!