Why I became a seasonal eater, and why you should consider it.

eating seasonally

I really believe that your body is best served by produce that grows here and now.

Simple enough right?

Nutritionally speaking, food is at it’s best when it's picked fresh off the field; there's no arguing that. With that in mind, eating local & seasonal is hard to argue with. Some will say that buying local is more expensive, but in most cases, it just simply isn't (and I have grocery bills a-plenty to prove it). This is especially true if you're buying just what you need & keeping your waste to a minimum.

Mindfully speaking, buying local leads to perks that you can't possibly get in any other way. I've met wonderful people through farmer's markets & developed friendships I wouldn’t have if it weren't for eating seasonal produce.

As a general rule, farmers really love to chat about what they sell. Heck, they’ve dedicated their lives to bringing to market the best possible version of insert-product-here. That should tell you something. 

Now, I know that what is available here in Edmonton right now may not necessarily be available where you are at the same moment. That's perfectly fine. Just use local-to-you produce whenever you can. If that means swapping an ingredient, do it. If you notice something is super abundant right now ― and thus more cost-effective & of better quality ― please use it. Just do you, mama.

Even though these recipes (in my cookbooks & on the blog) are tested with specific ingredients it doesn’t mean that they’re set in stone, so take advantage of every deal you get.

So, If your ready to give your body the most nutrient dense food you can. This is for you. if you're ready to become a part of a thriving community. Jump on board the seasonal train mama, I saved you a seat.


Ready to give seasonal eating a try?