When Netflix causes a Miracle.

How did The Nomadic Wife come into existence? 

I've experienced a miracle. I truly hope you all have a moment in your life where you live a moment like this too.

I've encountered something truly & profoundly beautiful.

It was a seemingly meaningless moment. I was doing dishes, with Netflix playing in the background. Just like any other afternoon... when suddenly I began to feel moved. It built up inside me like a storm picking up on the horizon, moving in ever closer. I didn't even know what was happening until the moment where it culminated in an explosion of salty tears and laughter.

In that moment, that tiny speck of time, I could see everything clearly. I could hear a distinctive message meant for me. A sign. I was moved so deeply that I couldn't tell if I was laughing or crying. If I was losing my sanity or if I had finally gained a grip on it.

"This is what you are here to do" said the voice.

You see, I wasn't quite paying attention to what was going on. Somewhere between being lackadaisical and daydreaming. When the words from the show slipped into my conscious mind. I was watching Cooked on Netflix. A show about people and why we cook. How they cook. How it brings us together. How it unifies us. How it makes us who we are.

As the woman teaching Micheal (the host) exploded into laughter over the fact that her onions were chopped larger than her students. Her laughter pushed me over the edge. It hit me.

Real food from the earth, the growing of it & the cooking of it, is such a powerful thing.

Partaking in these acts of love creates a deeply rooted connection. It's the appreciation we feel for the people who cook with us and devotion of those who cook for us. That's the true meaning of love. Perhaps even the answer to "why are we here".

At least, it's the answer to why I am here.

I'm here to bring back slow cooking to our fast paced lives. To bring back the pleasures of food. The connection that we have lost to our roots, to ourselves and to our people. To love.

Big love, 

Melanie <3