Welcoming spring into your kitchen.


Spring, in most regions of the world, is synonymous with rebirth. It inspires many great painters and artists to explore a new palette of color that winter has long since forgotten. During these months of thaw and wet, it is often easy to forget that life is starting anew. I find myself vacillating between the despair of winter and the hope which spring carries on its breeze.

Feast Of Spring

This cookbook serves as a memoir, of sorts, to remind me that this season of limbo bears incredible beauty and magic. These little glimpses, of moments past and present, remind me that there is more to come. That a new season of bounty is just a few breaths away. However, I hold steady in the flavors and the moods of winter.

You will find, in these pages, celebrations of the last breaths of winter in the form of storage crops, pickled and fermented things that were once fresh but now have taken on a new form, a new life. Mixed with these earthy and umami tones are bright, new, green flavors of spring. Some from its earliest days, when it seems like the earth will never again bear fruit, and some from its later days when we forget that spring is indeed still here and summer hasn’t quite taken hold.

feast of spring plant based cookbook by melanie villeneuve

So welcome, mama, into my nourishing spring plant-based kitchen, where life is simple and food is good. Here, you are home always & a trusted friend above all else. Your take on these dishes are exactly as they ought to be. I trust that you will add your own fingerprint to them, and that in time, they will become part of your family’s fabric. Though I can’t help but be hopeful that they retain whispers of the ideals that led to their creation.

Simplicity above all else. Local whenever possible. Sustainable as can be. Tasty as hell.
— mel
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Recipes from the cookbook