Turkish Baked Potato

This is what I call a "touskia" meal. Phonetically in french it meals "everything there is". We also use it to mean "leftover night".

So, once your base is baked, feel free to add just about anything on top. Leftover salads, bits of meat, boiled egg, pickled veggies... literally anything can go on to these baked potatoes!



2 large sweet potatoes
2 T butter (or coconut oil)


Pickled cabbage
Pickled string beans
Arugula (or any other greens for that matter)
Any leftover veggies just hanging out in the fridge
You can also add cheese


Prep 5 Mins + 40 mins baking

Prick the potatoes 3-4 times, place in the oven and turn on to 400 C
Once the 40 minutes are over, let the potatoes cool in the oven
Then pulled them out, place in a dish & cut down the middle
Add butter and "mash" the potato right inside it's skin
Add all the toppings & chow down!