Creamy Bean & Potato Salad

I love a long winded recipe any day, but there’s a special place in my heart for recipes that take under 20 mins to make. Even better if it stores well in the fridge and doubles up as a grab and go lunch. 

This recipe is at the intersection of all of those things, plus it features lovely local veg from Riverbend Gardens.

Bonus: It’s seasonal and really yummy. What’s not to love?


Makes 2 servings

1 bunch of string beans, cut to bite size
6-8 fist sized potatoes (more if they’re little), cut in slices then quickly boiled
1 bunch of dill, chopped
2 T plain yogurt
Pinch of cayenne
Salt & pepper to taste

Notes: This recipe will become more dill-y if you leave it in the fridge for 30 mins (up to a day) so if you aren’t in a rush I suggest you let it sit for a while. Otherwise, it’s quite yummy when it’s just been made so no worries there!


10 min prep

Slice your potatoes in add them to a medium pot of boiling water, boil for about 10 mins then drain & let cool.
While your potatoes cool, cut your string beans down to a comfortable bite size, add to a large bowl. 
Add yogurt, dill, cayenne, salt & pepper to your beans. Mix well.
Add cooled potatoes, mix well & serve.