On the go bean salad

Let's talk about celery greens for a second. This part very often gets discarded for a reason I could never understand. It's edible, tasty & if you're getting it from the middle stalks ...quite tender. 

Truth be told, as part of spring salads, it's a delight. So stop wasting your celery greens!

The flavour of the salad comes mostly from roasting of the almonds & the lime. There's just something about the smoky flavour, which you can only get from pan roasted nuts, that just feels like home to me. 


makes 2 servings

2 C quinoa, cooked
1 C almonds, roughly chopped
1 14oz can pinto beans, rinsed
1 small red onion, chopped
2 Lebanese cucumbers, chopped
1 celery heart, chopped
1 can sweet corn
1/4 C avocado oil
1 lime, juiced
1 clove garlic, minced


prep 5 mins + cook 10 mins

Start your quinoa & almonds at the same time in separate pans.
With the almonds, add a little bit of freshly cracked pepper and olive oil. Move them around every 1 or 2 mins so they don't burn.
With the quinoa, add some water & salt. Cook for 10 minutes. 
Let both the quinoa & almonds cool. 
In the meantime, chop the cucumbers, red onion, celery & add them to a large bowl along with the sweetcorn.
In a mortar, mash your garlic & add the lime juice as well as the avocado oil.
Once your quinoa & almonds have cooled, mix everything together and serve or pack for this week's lunches!