My bathing ritual: slow living at it's best.

Bathing, for me, has always been a luxurious experience. It serves a purpose completely separate from that of a shower.

Showering to me is a convenient way to get clean without having to waste too much water or soap. It's quick. It's an in-and-out operation akin to tying your shoes. No fluff. No extra love. Just plain convenience.

Bathing, on the other hand, is a ritual that feeds my inner goddess. It's a way for me to disconnect from social media, daily tasks and just give myself a little me time. It's one of the ways I show myself a little extra love and I always come out feeling rejuvenated.

I've long used the excuse of magnesium deficiency to warrant the extra soak time each week, but now, I no longer need any excuses. I just freakin' love 'em!

(If you haven't heard of Epson salts, here's a little more information on why you should probably add it to tour weekly self-care regimen)

I've transformed my simple salt soak into a spa-worthy treatment with the help of a new friend, Julie (more on this below). 

So these days, I load up the bath with magnesium salt, dried herbs, a little fragrant oil & I enjoy a well deserved Mel-soup.

Not just any old products will do however when I'm adding ingredients to my bath. This isn't me trying to sound particularly snobbish, I promise. Your skin is your biggest organ mama! It absorbs a little of everything it comes into contact with. So with this in mind, always try to find the best possible ingredients to add to your soak, the same way you would for your food. Makes sense? Let's carry on.

LITTLE TIP: If it comes from a plant, use it. If it's made in a plant, don't.

true formulation the nomadic wife
true formulation exfoliating salt the nomadic wife

Recently, my bath soak snobbery wishes have come true. I discovered, through Julie's help, a darling company called True Formulation. They make small batch, preservative free, fresh to order, goddess worthy bath goodies.

As I write these lines, I'm freshly out of a dry herb & oil, bliss-inducing soak. I'm particularly keen on everything lavender, so I'm using this oil and this salt. I add the oil to the bath (along with a cup of magnesium salt + half a sachet of herbs) and use the salt on a bath glove.

I find little circles work best to remove excess dry skin. Trust me on this one mama, this Canadian gal know's dry skin.

Roses smell divine, but lavender is incredibly powerful for me. It helps me unwind and forget all the drama in the world. Plus, who doesn't want to walk out of her bath smelling positively regal? 


Want a spa worthy bathing experience too?

Every woman should have them! Here's how:


Make sure your water isn't too hot! 

Add magnesium to your bath, about 1 C should do.

Consider adding herbs (a good handful) or herbal oils (1 or 2 T should do the trick). 

Some of my favorites: lavender relaxes, citrus adds zing, calendula reduces itchy inflamed skin.

Soak for at least 20 minutes to allow yourself to relax into it. It will also allow the oils & salts to work their magic.

Add a little music or enjoy the quiet.

Make sure you grab a glass of water to keep from getting dehydrated & a good read to keep you company.

Finish your bath by rinsing under cool water to close your pores & reinvigorate yourself.

Using your favorite soap, wash off the excess bath oil (or leave it on as moisturizer, depending on what you used). 

Shimmy off to celebrate slowing down. <3

Now through the end of February, enter "THENOMADICWIFE" at checkout for free shipping & 10% off all True Formulation orders! 




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