I am a canadian foodie

I, am Canadian.

As such, I can say that the way I cook is an amalgam of cultures, influences & backgrounds.

You will often hear me say "I'm Canadian mud" when asked about my background. Not because I want to degrade it or otherwise deface the nature of my lineage, but because I am so many things that I can no longer say where my ancestors are from truly.

Yes, we are french. We are Irish. We are Scots... but my education was done in part on the shores of a cold island called Montreal & the Bay area where every other person is Asian.

So what does this mean?

It means that potatoes & gravy feel like home to me in the same fashion as ginger and lemongrass do. It means that my exploration of food is influenced as much by my heritage as it is about my fascination of Europe & Asia.

I do not believe in fusion or tradition for the sake of their names or ideals. I believe in food that feels like home...and those are the things that feel like home to me.