Hibiscus Energizing Smoothie

Hibiscus juice, also known as agua fresca, is a tangy (though sometimes over-sweetened) drink. It's made by first steeping a whole bunch of hibiscus flowers the same way you would tea, then straining them and mixing in a TON of sugar.

After the sugar has dissolved, the liquid is cooled and then it's served over ice alongside fantastic Mexican food. 

Now, you know me well enough by now to think there's no way I am putting some sugar-laden beverage on the meal plan. Oh darlin', you're so right. 

I've turned this recipe on its head, and despite the fact that I manage to retain all of that yummy thirst quenching goodness, there is not one drop of sugar, or any other sweetener, in this drink.

Oh, I've also gone the extra mile and added some yerba mate. Some of you may not know what yerba mate is.. or even where to find it. I will let you in on a little secret. It's from the tea aisle. Yup. It's a typical Argentinian drink that most people drink hot, but I love it in lemonade and smoothies.

Be warned, it has some pretty energizing effects, so don't drink it if you're planning on going to bed! 


Makes 2 portions

1 C frozen mango
1 C frozen berries
2 T hibiscus flowers
2 T yerba mate
2 C water

Note: You can make the tea portion of this ahead of time in larger quantities so you can have it in the fridge as a base for smoothies or as an alternative to sugary juices.


10 mins steep + 20 mins steep + 2 mins blend 

First things first, boil some water
Place yerba mate & hibiscus flowers in a 2 C mason jar and add boiled water
Let steep for at least 10 minutes (up to overnight)
Strain and place in the fridge to cool
Once cooled, add to a blender with frozen fruit, buzz until smooth and enjoy!