French Omelette with Mushroom

This Julia Child inspired omelette is a ninja-fast way to make breakfast when you're in a rush. The mushrooms are a little touch of luxury, they take about 15 mins to make, but you could easily make this omelette with raw veggies or steamed greens if you're short on time. 

The beauty of the omelette part of this dish is it cooks up in a matter of seconds. Seriously. French omelettes are quite magical in that way! The trick is having the pan over high heat & giving those eggs a good shake! 

If you want to see how it's done from the master herself, check out this video right here! I wish I had know Julia Child, she's such an inspiration of dedication to cooking. Ahh. What a brave woman.


Makes 2 portions

4-6 eggs
1 pint mushrooms, diced
2 T butter, divided
1 T olive oil
6 cloves garlic, minced


10 mins prep + 15 mins cook

The mushrooms take the longest, so get those chopped up first.
Add them to a large enough pan over medium high heat with half the garlic, half the butter & a slug of olive oil
The mushrooms will release quite a bit of water while they cook, so you don't need to stir them very often, but keep an eye on them so they don't burn!
Once they start being golden, it's time to add the remaining garlic & a touch more butter
Keep them warm while you make the omelettes
Whisk 2-3 eggs together in a bowl & add them to a searing hot pan that's been greased with butter
After about 5 seconds, start swirling the pan over the heat & then shaking it back & forth to form the omelette. (Check the video if it doesn't quite make sense)
Then quickly remove it & serve with the mushrooms!