Aglio e Olio a simple italian pasta recipe

Dinner time can be a struggle sometimes (read often) when you don't have a meal plan done. It's just like any other part of life really, unless you're one of those fabulously crazy people who can just get by on the seam of their pants.

I don't know about you, but I'm not one of those people. Never have been. Never will.

So I keep recipes like this aglio e olio recipe in my back pocket instead. I know we always have pasta in the house ( gluten free pasta that is ) and that we always have garlic & eggs. So, it makes sense to have this eggy pasta dish on those nights where the alternate option is peanut butter toast. 

It's my personal take on a very simple Italian dish which consists of pasta, olive oil & garlic. It's the perfect midnight snack too - you didn't hear this from me!

That being said, having a plateful of pasta with no veggies or protein in sight is really something I can't stand behind. So I've tweaked this recipe to balance things out but also to make it richer & keep you from being hungry ten minutes after you eat!


The key to balancing this dish is to add a few cherry tomatoes in each portion. It really brightens everything up and is the difference between a simple hearty dish and something you'll want to eat every week. So don't skip the tomato, whatever you do!


Makes 4 portions

1 lb of dry pasta, cooked
5-6 large leaves of chard or kale
20 cherry tomatoes, cut in four
1 chilli, sliced & seeded
Handful of parsley, finely chopped
1/2 head of garlic, minced
1 C sunflower seeds
4 eggs
Olive oil
Salt & pepper


10 mins prep + 15 mins cooking

Grab a pot large enough to boil your pasta in and set it on high.
The minute it starts to boil, add your pasta and set the timer for the time indicated on the package.
Chop your chards, tomatoes, chili, parsley and garlic.
Divide everything into 4 stacks, one for each serving.
Drain your pasta & place the pot back onto the stove, over medium heat this time.
Add one pile of garlic & veggies to the pot along with some olive oil. 
When the garlic becomes fragrant and the greens have wilted ( about 2 minutes ) add one serving of pasta and mix quickly adding a bit more olive oil if neccessary.
Crack an egg right into the pasta and stir until the egg is set. 
Serve and repeat for the other portions.