Caprese Salad

Mediterranean food makes me smile from ear to ear. They've really got it figured out over there! It's all about fresh ingredients, simple combinations & maximum flavor. Honestly, you can't go wrong when the produce is local & the cheese is made in your own kitchen.

I don't eat enough cheese or consume enough dairy overall to warrant making my own bocconcini but I found some tiny ones at the store which work perfectly with these tiny cherry tomatoes.

I will admit though that I made this particular salad to use this basil. It grew in our garden!! How neat is that!?

It's got 10 x more flavor than anything I've ever bought in store or even at the farmer's market. Okay, okay... maybe part of that has to do with my "proud plant mommy-ness". Either way, this dish is fresh & delightful. It would be sad to spend an entire life without having tried it at least once.

Now, I know we have some dairy-free & vegan friends in here, so I have a little secret for you. Replacing the extremely mild mozzarella with tofu is an awesome option here. Seriously. If you have quality ingredients, no one will be the wiser.

You need to make sure you have good, juicy tomato from the market. Ask the farmer if you can taste them first if you're unsure. They're usually quite happy to have you taste their produce! If the flavor is there, grab those. Then get yourself some yummy basil. It has to be fragrant & almost sweet... Genovese basil is the quintessential type. It has big, pointed leaves & will smell if you rub them lightly with your fingers. 

This salad is the "proof in the pudding" that better ingredients make the world of a difference in our plate & our pallet! 


makes 2 portions

2 C cherry tomatoes, halved
1/2 C bocconcini, halved
1 T olive oil
Handful of basil, chopped
Pinch of salt


prep 5 mins

Halve your tomatoes & cheese. 
Add to a plate, sprinkle on salt, basil & olive oil. 
Serve up! <3