Can YOUR bar of soap do this?


Today, I want to talk to you about something that's dear to my heart. Slowing down enough to enjoy one-extra-minute in the shower. I know it sounds like a silly thing. Inconsequential really, but for me, it makes the difference between an okay day and a wonderful one.

I stand by my comments in my last post about my bathing ritual, about how showering is akin to tying your shoes. No fluff. No extra love. Because it is, in fact, a 7 minute affair. However, there is one minute in there dedicated to showing myself a little extra love despite it all. A pause, where I let myself be completely taken over by the hot water & the smell and feel of my favorite soap bar. 

To be quite frank, I only started doing this since I discovered Lark Bath & Beauty. 

What's so special about them you ask? Well, many things. But the main thing is their soap makes me feel beautiful. Not the kind of beautiful slick magazine ads make us believe we should be, but truly beautiful. On the inside. It makes me feel like I can conquer the world.

You see, when I pick up the bar off the shower caddy, there's a little voice in the back of my mind that tells me it's good soap, made from stuff I can pronounce, and they make a difference as a company. 


They started their company (then named The Hope Soap Project) to help girls that had been rescued from human trafficking, then they realized that their name was hindering their company because people saw them as a non-profit instead of a Social Enterprise. So they rebranded as the slick & beautiful Lark. Same soap. Same heart warming cause. Just more approachable & modern. 

When I approached them to talk about their business on here, I immediately felt good vibes & as I discovered more and more about the people behind the business, I fell more and more in love with what they had to offer.

lark bath and beauty

Meet Nikki & Courtney, a couple on a mission.

When I asked them what the hardest thing was about being a couple in business, they told me that communication was the hardest. Are they in couple mode or business mode? How long should they work? Thankfully, though, Nikki keeps their marriage as a top priority and that allows them to find balance.

Seeing their dedication to their work but also to each other really inspires me because I know that eventually, I too will be working alongside my spouse. Through them, though, I realize that there is a way to make it all work. It may not be perfect, but it's possible. 

Hard lessons & hunkering down.

We chatted about what the hard bits were. He said self-discipline, to keep pushing forward even though you really can't see the mountaintop or even know if it's there. She said sacrifice. In the early stages, the sacrifice feels so much bigger than the reward. Which is true for so many small businesses out there.

They realized, through their side by side work, that they had complimentary strengths and make a great team. "When we're hustling it's like this well-oiled machine. She's front-of-house (interacting with customers). I'm back-of-house (running the actual business). She's detail oriented, I'm a visionary."

What does the future of lark hold?

They are planning on becoming a full bath and beauty line that will radically change women's perspectives of beauty/themselves, ultimately leading them to freedom. To get there, and also how they got this far... they stay focused, are patient, keep their eyes on their own path and don't worry about how others are doing.


The bit that resonates with me the deepest... that they believe, as I do, that if you stay grateful and appreciate small victories, great things will happen. So spend that extra minute in your shower, with a great bar of soap. Celebrate what feeling truly beautiful means to you & then get out there and show the world your best self.

You got this love, you so got this.




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