Simple miso soup bowl with broccoli & bacon

I don’t really go to grocery stores anymore. Sounds a little crazy? Well, a while back I would probably have assumed a few things about a woman who said such a silly thing.

Maybe she’s a hermit? Maybe she gets her husband to run the errands! Lucky gal.

In truth, I don’t go to them that much these days for the simple reason that between our local farmer's markets and The Organic Box, there just isn’t a need for them anymore.

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Middle Eastern Almond Rice

This easy recipe is one of those "I have absolutely no desire to cook tonight" recipes. It's super quick, and you can make a larger batch if you like as it keeps quite well in the fridge. I almost prefer it the next day, when it has cooled off and I eat it right from the fridge. Haha.

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Root & Rutabaga Salad

It felt like being out in fairy country. There was a view of the river through the window, and you could feel like forest breathing against the window panes. On one rather dull day, where there was more rain than snow and no sunshine to speak of, I rummaged through our shared pantry and came up with this dish. 

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Welcoming spring into your kitchen.

Spring, in most regions of the world, is synonymous with rebirth. It inspires many great painters and artists to explore a new palette of color that winter has long since forgotten. During these months of thaw and wet, it is often easy to forget that life is starting anew. I find myself vacillating between the despair of winter and the hope which spring carries on its breeze.

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Cabbage & Onion Soup

These days my heart sometimes longs for a simple, steaming hot meal. I vacillate between the desire to eat fresh produce, the promise of warmer spring days to come, and the desire to curl up with a good bowl of piping hot soup.

When those moments turn up, as the inevitably ought to, I turn to my repertoire of simple, yet tasty fare which celebrates the days of winter's past.


Why I became a seasonal eater, and why you should consider it.

I really believe that your body is best served by produce that grows here and now.

Simple enough right?

Nutritionally speaking, food is at it’s best when it's picked fresh off the field; there's no arguing that. With that in mind, eating local & seasonal is hard to argue with. Some will say that buying local is more expensive, but in most cases, it just simply isn't (and I have grocery bills a-plenty to prove it). This is especially true if you're buying just what you need & keeping your waste to a minimum.